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Understanding Umay+ loans


Loans are very effective in distributing wealth. They take the surplus from those who have too much idle money and give to those who have deficits. This system works very well in Thailand. The Umay Plus เงินกู้ is available to salary Thai citizens who have a cash card.

Which card do you need to be eligible for umay plus loans?

cardsYou need to have either the Cash Card Yume Plus of the Cash Advance Card for you to access Umay Plus loans. Before we go to the cards themselves perhaps it would be wise to consider the conditions that must be met before you can apply for either of the cards. To apply for either of these cards, you need to be between 20-55 years of age. You also need to have a phone. Obviously, you should be a Thai citizen.

Now let’s go to the cards themselves. Each of these cards has features and specifications that are different from the other. With both of them, you need to be keen on the prevailing interest rates, fees and terms and conditions. They are acceptable in all departmental stores that accept Umay+ and EASY BUY methods of payment. For each transaction, a few service charges are depending on whether you have a revolving loan or an installment loan. The payments costs are very reasonable, just like the expenses to the government.

Features of cash card yume plus

This card is for employees whose basic salary is more than 7,000 baht. Holders of this card pay an interest rate of 28% per annum and installments of 3% on the outstanding loan amount. Once you have applied for this card, you can get cash instantly at ATMs of various banks in Thailand. You can then budget your expenditure and plan for your money.

Cash advance card

The Cash Advance Card, on the other hand, is for salaried employees earning more than 20,000 Baht. As you would expect, its features are more advanced than those of the Cash Card Yume Plus. Precisely, Cash Advance Card holders pay an interest rate of 19.8%. However, this rate may vary depending on the company in question. Just like it is the case with Cash Card Yume Plus, you pay installment of only 3% of the remaining principal amount. Cash is also available in various banks in Thailand through their ATMs.

How to apply for a cash card

33 vcbvbjNow that you have known the two types of cash cards you need to access Umay+ loans, you must be asking yourself how to apply for one. Well, applying for a Cash Card Yume Plus or Cash Advance Card is straightforward. You just need to fill an application form that is available on the official Umay Plus website. You can download this form and fill it offline then attach it with other documents for your application to be processed. You can also apply for a Cash Card using your mobile phone. You can download the Umay+ application and install it on your mobile device. You can always visit the nearest branch whenever you are in doubt.