What is Safex?

Safex is a real attraction for crypto-investors all over the world. Its founder Daniel Dabek revealed that they are currently engaged in talks with a couple of exchanges to include Safex in their listings. Anyone who wishes to join the foray of crypto investors must do it through, Coinbase, the most popular Exchange globally. To get registered on Coinbase you must produce some identification in line with anti-money laundering policies and know-your-customer rules. In addition to the ID, you will be asked to show a Debit/credit card bearing similar information. After registration, you need to have the account verified and start buying Bitcoins.cup and laptop

The news indicates that Safex has reached new heights, a sign that it is gaining much popularity in the crypto-market. According to Safex News, it is valued at 290 SATS or $0.036, which is a big leap from the $0.025 in August when the wallet was launched. They are now introducing the Safex Affiliate scheme which will not only increase publicity but also reward content creators promoting Safex.

Currently, it is only possible to buy Safex coins using Bitcoins in your Coinbase wallet. It is important to set up a Safex Wallet before buying any Safex coins to avoid losing them. To download the wallet, visit and go to the downloads section and click on your choice OS. There are wallets available for Microsoft Windows, Ubuntu and Apple OSX. When the download is complete, install and go to the shortcut on your desktop or application folder. Double click on the icon and choose to create a new wallet’ or import’ an existing one. If you choose to create a wallet, remember to use a strong password that you can easily remember. Losing your Safex password means loss of access to the coins. It is also important that you get your public key which is needed for the next Safex coins purchase.

Using Bitcoins to buy Safex Coins is a simple process, but you must carefully follow the steps as errors can result in huge losses. It is advisable to have more Bitcoins than needed to cover transaction fees. At the final stage, a confirmation code will be sent to you via email or SMS, and you must enter this to submit payment.

bitcoin1As a relatively new entrant into the cryptocurrencies market, some investors are skeptical, but the whitepaper might convince them. Medium-risk investors are eagerly waiting for this whitepaper as an assurance that joining the Safex community is indeed a worthwhile venture. The upcoming blockchain according to Safex News will allow for even more private trading among investors.

Safex continues to be developed to ease the process and make it an interesting experience for all investors. The founder, Daniel Dabek took a Crypto-Educational Tour in 2017 to help even more people understand the concept and appreciate the value of Safex coins in the market. Joining the community is a great idea as you not only learn how to protect your wealth using new types of currencies that are somewhat immune to modern day economic triggers.