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Preparations for Extended Foreign-Based Stay for a U.S. Citizen

For most people, the dream of working in a location-independent job is only a dream. They remain tied to their 9-5 jobs and cannot even get time to go on a vacation. However, there are ways for anyone to benefit from the rise of technology to make the dream a reality.

It is possible to move to a new country and live there and work while still maintaining your U.S. citizenship status. Fortunately, the U.S. citizens living in many places around the world have various privileges to enjoy. The biggest one is the fact that being paid in dollars while spending it in local currency can make you feel wealthy.

Start Organizing Your Salary Sources

Cash boxThe first thing you need before going to live abroad and getting work will be a reorganization of your salaries. If you have a fixed job in the U.S., then you may need to seek a transfer or move to work with a multinational organization that sends its staff abroad. Otherwise, you can begin businesses that will run with a manager and other staff, allowing you to do minimal work so that you can travel outside the U.S. for an extended period.

Find Countries Readily Accepting U.S. Citizens

You need to do a brief search on the countries that afford you a decent living on a dollar salary. You are probably going to choose eastern Europe, Asia, and South America for their attractive lifestyles and living conditions. You need to make broad considerations including the life of your family members and not only yourself.

What if You are Already Location Independent?

For people who are already outside the country and have spent considerable time doing their thing outside, there are additional benefits you should be enjoying. One of them is the reduced tax burden because part of your income is external and your expenses are also in a foreign country.

Travel to the Country at Least Once Before Moving

You need to acclimatize yourself with the host country culture. If your company is sending you abroad, make sure you ask for a trip to the country to know how it looks and to put some of its realities into perspective. You might read that it gets hot in summer, but you need to visit the place to confirm whether the hot talked about in books is the same one you imagine you can tolerate. Remember that you are seeking pleasure rather than pain. Therefore, finding something that you can work with without any problems is essential.

Prepare Your Family

Passpert bookMake sure your dependants and your friends and family are ready in the same way that you will prepare your legal pages and your tax records, and your travel documents. They need to know you are essentially about to relocate and that it will be a while before you get back.

You can choose to withhold the reasons for transferring. Just inform them that you already confirmed your residence options in the new locations then you can work everything else from that point forward.

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The Components Of Tax Preparation

Picking the right tax preparation service for your business is the best choice. A previous tax preparer and little business mastermind offer bits of insight into the mystery universe of tax preparers. For more information on tax preparation visit Wynkoop & Associates Tax Preparation.

Components of tax preparation

tax Tax preparation is a typical requirement for any business, be it huge, medium or little. Taxes must be paid in time, and this is possible only if the firm delegates staff in the organization to tackle due dates, calculations, and payouts. Be that as it may, tax preparation work nowadays is being outsourced to different organizations, which alleviates the company of setting up a different unit and employing new recruits.

Use tax preparation service

What should be done is to pay fundamental charges to the agency and accurate tax preparation convention is taken after, right down to the format recommended by the law. They guarantee that taxes are paid well before the due date.


Tax preparation includes various procedures which can be handled well just by a productive cell. This is not the job for anybody to take up, as computing tax includes intricate tabs on real income, expenses and other monetary parts of the organization. Taxes must be documented with the state or the national government, a vocation which includes understanding the codes and the law of the taxation system. An authorized agency is best to help you to document tax for your organization. Data on profoundly dependable organizations can be effectively accessed on the web.

Outsource tax preparation services

Hiring additional employees to handle such a job is not needed if you outsource tax preparation work. Most people hold up till the last minute to record their tax reports, audit them and all things considered, it gets to be hard to get your taxes documented in time at peak periods. An enlisted agency comprehends the need to finish taxation function admirably before time and takes it upon itself to guarantee that the fundamental information is sourced and the tax forms are filled and submitted. Entrepreneurs consider the thought of outsourcing taxation function as exceptionally advantageous for the organization’s money and time.


money So much planning, internal policies set up and emphasizing on core financial components takes up a great deal of business time. In such a case, it is best if business tax preparation work, which can be an exceptionally tedious procedure, is taken care of by an offshore organization. When work is outsourced, the in-house workforce can be effectively used for all the core issues of the organization. Clients could be taken care of well, to guarantee that they get vital services required and feel fulfilled while your taxes are dealt with, putting the organization into the right books of the law.


How To Choose An Auditor

Finding a good auditor does not always end up being a simple task. There actually are so many auditors that seem to appear every year; it is hard to know who to decide to put in charge of your finances.

This is how to choose an auditor

Cold call

Pick some auditors from your local business directory or newspaper and interview each one over the phone. Choose one that you feel can help you in your current and future business goals.

Family and friends

calculatorAsk for recommendations from family and friends. It is unlikely that a friend or family member will recommend an auditor that they have had a bad experience with or who is not up to the job.

Ask other professionals

Your solicitor or bank manager may be able to recommend a suitable firm of auditor for you. Again, it is unlikely for a professional to recommend someone who is not that good.

Social media

Very popular today are social media platforms such as facebook and twitter. You could put a status update on your social media pages and request recommendations from your friends for auditors that they may have used.

You can also search for auditors in your particular city via social media platforms

Once you have a list of auditors, you will want to explore deeper before you shortlist and finally choose the auditors firm most suited to your business.You may want to consider these:
You may also want to consider taking out insurance to cover uncertainties such as tax investigations which can be very expensive. Obviously, in this case, the cost of the insurance needs to be added to the auditor’s fees to provide you with a good indication of overall costs.

Size of firm

Are you looking for a personal service, or would you prefer a larger firm where you may not feel that valued by your auditor? The advantage of a larger firm is that they may have various experts in the house – this is not something a smaller firm will be able to do for you.

Location of auditors firm

How important is the location of your auditor? Do you have a local business where you need to see your auditor every other week?

Client base

using calculatorYou will also want to ask your auditor about their client base. Some auditors may specialize in your particular business type – this auditor will have more experience in your specialized business needs than one who does not have any clients in your business niche.